Fluorescent Penetrants - Biodegradable

Met-L-Chek® FBP Series Penetrants are SAE AMS 2644 QPL-certified, meeting the requirements of AMS 2647, ASTM E1417, ASTM E165, ASTM E1209, ISO/FDIS 3452. FBP Series Penetrants by Met-L-Chek® are biodegradable and are used in Method A and C applications.

Biodegradable Penetrants by Met-L-Chek® are water-washable and solvent-removable penetrants used for the detection of fine cracks, porosity, and through-leaks on metals, composites, synthetic materials, and some plastics. The materials used are low in sulfur, halogens, VOC free and safe for use on all metal surfaces.

Met-L-Chek® FBP Series Penetrants are bright yellow, smooth washing and non-gel forming, allowing them to wash cleanly from rough surfaces.

For Method C applications, use with an approved Met-L-Chek® solvent cleaner. The Met-L-Chek® family of solvent cleaners includes E-59, E-59A, R-503, and R-504.