Super Bee™ 300LF Aircraft Aqueous Cleaner & Degreaser

The Super Bee™ 300LF family of aqueous cleaners and degreasers are some of the most successful cleaners in the global aerospace industry. Multiple versions of Super Bee™ 300LF (Super Bee™ 300LF, Super Bee™ 300LFM & Super Bee™ 300LFG) have been developed to meet OEM and military specifications as well as global environmental regulations.


The Super Bee™ 300LF family of products carries more than 60 aerospace and industrial approvals. When used as directed, Super Bee™ 300LF and its variants are safe to use on all common alloys used in the construction of an aircraft and its many components. Super Bee™ 300LF products can be used in almost every cleaning method that includes post rinsing. Typical cleaning methods include:

  • Immersion cleaning
  • Spray wash cabinet washing
  • Spray-on/Rinse-off
  • Steam injection cleaning
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Interior and exterior aircraft cleaning
  • Pre/post NDT cleaning applications
  • Turbine engine cleaning before teardown

Due to Super Bee’s low-foaming properties, the product can be vigorously agitated and used in high-pressure spray applications without defoamer. It can also be used to effectively neutralize fuselage surfaces after chemical paint removal. Because of Super Bee’s vast number of approvals and its superior cleaning performance, it’s typical for Super Bee™ 300LF to proliferate to most or all aqueous cleaning applications within a facility.


The widespread use of Super Bee™ 300LF/LFG/LFM in the cleaning of turbine engines, landing gear components, wheels, brakes, bearings, and chemical processing has made it a market leader. The high emulsion properties of the Super Bee™ 300LF family effectively remove in-service greases and oil including most synthetic oils, outperforming the competition.


In addition to superior cleaning performance, Super Bee™ 300LF products give customers the ability to control pH. This control results in longer bath life and better performance over the life of the bath compared to other aqueous degreasers. Simply put, Super Bee™ 300LF products outlast competitors by continuing to deliver effective cleaning over a longer period before the bath requires recharging. This longer bath life reduces hazardous waste generation, downtime, and oil contamination in downline cleaning solutions. Coupled with ultra-competitive pricing, Super Bee™ 300LF products deliver maximum value.

The Family of Products

Super Bee™ 300LF

Super Bee™ 300LF is a low-foaming aqueous alkaline cleaner for immersion, spray wash, spray/rinse, steam injection, ultrasonic, and pre/post-NDT Cleaning Applications. To learn more about Super Bee™ 300LF click here.

Super Bee™ 300LFG

Super Bee™ 300LFG was designed specifically to meet EU environmental regulations. To learn more about Super Bee™ 300LFG click here.

Super Bee™ 300LFM

Super Bee™ 300LFM was designed specifically to meet military specifications. To learn more about Super Bee™ 300LFM click here.